Summer plans

As mush as I love the winter it is over and its begging to heat up for summer and where I’m going this summer probably by a lot. My mom lives in California and over most of the summer I will out there with her most of the summer. I don’t know what all is out there to do but I’m sure it will be fun my mom says there is loads of things to do out there. There is a zoo out there and I’m looking forward to going there because i never have been to a zoo. If I’m right there are many water parks out there to go to.

I wont be at moms the whole summer though and she will still have work as well giving me free time. I probably won’t socialize much i never do but Ill have plenty of time to be on Tumblr and i also want to go shopping over the summer because my “style” is changing and i don’t really like any of my clothing. I also am looking forward to meeting my mom’s fiancé I’ve sort of meet him before but not really got to know him.

Can’t wait to go to California for a fantastic summer. Hope you guys have an awesome summer too.

Well I’m Back

I will be posting again i will do random blogs and also ones about Genius Hour. Genius hour is a research project where we get to choose what we research. I will explain it more on my first post on it. My first blog on it should be out today or Monday.


I wrote a total of (not including this one) I wrote a total of 4 blogs Related to the challenge. I received a fair amount of comments mainly on My About Me post I assume the reason for this is people could relate to some of my interests. My favorite post to write was the raise your voice blog in it i wrote about autism awareness. I enjoyed writing about that blog because its something i care about and i could relate to what i was writing about. My blog had 3 widgets witch i could probably have had more but it worked pretty well.


1. He said ¨It looks really good and very unique¨

2. He said ¨Definitely the moon and the space theme¨

3. He said ¨The crazy titles and cool posts¨

4. He said ¨Get rid off, or try to clean it up a bit¨

The World of Turtles



Image by lanielderts on Flicker link

Turtles are reptiles that live in many places. Some live near the ocean others live more at land but generally in ponds or lakes most the time. They live in many places around the world and on most contents.

There are many different kinds of turtles just a  few of many are snapping turtles, box turtles, and sea turtles. All turtles have a shell and almost all of them can retract there head and limbs into the shell for protection. Snapping turtles have other methods of defense as well there neck is long so there heads a fairly large rang to bite. There power jaws could bite humans fingers off with ease and they are fast so once they go to bite just like a snake you have very little time to respond.


Image By: Valerie on Flicker link

Sea turtles as the name may suggest live in the ocean. They only coming to land to lay eggs. When they lay there eggs they go to the same spot every year generally where they were born and they dig a hole and lay there eggs in it and then they bury them. They do this to protect the eggs from predators. After the eggs hatch the baby turtles dig there way out and help each other find there way to the ocean. Some times the eggs are destroyed by humans that are at the beach like kids playing in the sand. Many organizations will mark where turtle eggs are to help protect them.


A very popular food in the U.S. isn’t an American food at all actually not too many foods are because a lot of foods in the America are from other countries but one made very popular  in the U.S. and that food would be pizza!


By Lynac on flickr link: Click Here

Pizza is a very popular food in the U.S.A numerous restaurants are based around pizza like Pizza Hut, Pizza Ranch,and CCś are just a few and a lot more restaurant serve it that are based around pizza.  America has but there own twist on pizza for sure, Like Buffalo Pizza , different kinds of crusts and sauces, I’ve heard there is even a cheese burger pizza.

America has put its own twist on pizza but as i said its not from america at all and believe it or not it wasn’t first made in Italy it was made in Rome but was adapted to be an Italian food.

Lots of people in America eat pizza.  Probably almost every one in the U.S.A has had a slice of pizza. Pizza  very popular for teens and at parties.  With all the different options there is a pizza for almost everyone. Plus Pizza can be a quick dinner when moving or u get home late and are busy because u can call a local pizza plaze and get one Delivered.

It may not be an American food but Americans love pizza





sorry about the delay in this post I posted it last week but it didn’t upload because my internet crashed.

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I am raising my voice for autism awareness.  Autism is a mental disorder that is passed down (its a genetic disorder).  Autism is not a disease it will never go away. There is medicine that lessen the symptoms of  autism, but from my experience because i have a minor form of autism these medicines make me feel down and I find it hard t think with them.


Understanding someone with autism can be difficult but possible. I am known as the quite kid because generally when I talk I fell like people are judging me cause they don’t understand me. To understand someone with autism first you need to get to know them cause even though they have autism all people with autism are different.


People with autism see the world from a different perspective. Lots of people with autism have scientific minds, they are creative and imaginative. Many people think that people with autism are not smart but this is not true. Autistic learn differently then others and are hard to teach but when they begin to learn will commonly excel. I didn’t learn to read till almost second grade and now in 8th grade have a collage reading level.

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Autism awareness has been growing recently but still not very popular. Autism aware month is April the day is the 2nd. Autism is represented by the puzzle like seen above because of the mysteries of autism.

All About Me

My name is William I’m an 8th grader.  I love reading, gaming, and late night walks. Stars have always fascinated I don’t relay know why. Even with my Fascination of the night, astronomy my dream career is engineering. I’m Fairly athletic but not good at many sports so I’m thinking about giving weight lifting a try.